WaterownFirst member businesses are more than 50% owned by people who reside in Jefferson, Lewis, or St. Lawrence Counties, NY. They're privately owned (not publicly traded.) and the owners are the primary, autonomous decision-makers. Does this sound like your business? Join our movement today!

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Member Businesses


Number of people WatertownFirst brought to Downtown Watertown in 2019

Buy Local. Live Local.

WatertownFirst is a not-for-profit network of locally-owned independent businesses and individuals dedicated to building a sustainable local economy by encouraging citizens to “Buy Local and Live Local.” As an organization of community-minded individuals and independent businesses, our mission is to create a thriving local economy by working together to maximize the potential of local businesses.

WatertownFirst will shift community culture in the greater Watertown area to support the core of independent businesses by encouraging community members to buy local and live local, as well as offering a network of support to its independent business owners in the community. It will host networking events and open forums for local independent business owners and community members and provide its member businesses with a unified brand.

WatertownFirst will stimulate all segments of the community, including business, education and public service, to buy local. It will initiate change, promoting awareness about economic prosperity and social equity.